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Aug 27 2024


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Smart Metering Application Training (SMAT)

Foundation concepts – Practical Implementation – Optimisation Strategies

Smart metering is an advanced technology that enables the measurement of resource consumption – such as electricity, gas, or water – in real-time and allows two-way communication with the meter. Smart meters differ from traditional meters by providing detailed information on resource usage. This allows both consumers and utility companies to make more informed decisions regarding consumption, control, and its impact on billing.

The Smart Metering Application Training (SMAT) is developed in South Africa by South Africans to provide a platform for attendees to understand the essential skills to effectively utilise smart meter data for energy management, identify opportunities for optimisation, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of smart metering systems. The expected outcomes for attendees are practically applicable and valuable for their roles in the smart metering domain.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has developed several standards related to smart metering to ensure interoperability, data exchange, and security in smart metering systems. These standards play a crucial role in the development, deployment, and maintenance of smart metering infrastructure. The SMAT course will cover an overview of these standards to provide secure and efficient smart metering services to consumers while maintaining data integrity and privacy.

Cost: US$ 290 | ZAR 2,900 (Training, includes electronic manual)


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