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Aug 16 - 23 2024


8:00 am - 4:30 pm

SAPVIA Solar PV GreenCard Installers Training

A proud partnership with the Solar Training Centre and  IEPA

The SAPVIA Solar PV GreenCard is an industry-led quality-approved “stamp” that is inclusive in nature and becomes the key to ensuring a high standard of quality for small-scale Solar PV installations. Over the 6 days candidates will be familiarised with the fundamental principles of solar, irradiation, annual yield, effects of shading, etc., and typical components of solar PV systems such as PV panels, inverters, batteries, mounting structures, etc., followed by the design and system integration and practical installation and commissioning of systems by using a small scale solar set-up at the training venue. In addition, system design and integration, planning of installation, and practically installing components, testing, and commissioning of systems, documenting and evaluating an installation.

It provides comprehensive documentation of the PV system including information on used components and personal data of the owner and will be a voluntary service from the installer which will serve as a guideline to both the installer and the customer on how to secure a high standard of PV system operation.

Course outcomes:

  • Explain the basics of electricity related to PV
  • Appreciate various applications of solar PV
  • Describe the different configurations for module Interconnection
  • Go for PV GreenCard Assessment to become a SAPVIA endorsed installer
  • Plan and prepare for PV system installation
  • Install mechanical components of Solar PV Systems
  • Install electrical components of Solar PV Systems
  • Maintain, test and replace PV panel components

The course is SAPVIA endorsed and candidates that attend the training may apply to complete the required assessments for evaluation towards SAPVIA endorsed installers status at an accredited SAPVIA Solar PVGreenCard Assessment Centre. Successful assessment could result in a listing on the PV GreenCard Installers database.

Day 1: Friday: Introduction (Online only)
Day 2-4: Monday – Wednesday: Theory (In-person or online)
Day 5-6: Thursday – Friday: Practical (In-person only)
Full-colour manual included.
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