The intention of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Assignment is to evaluate the competence of a person to compile an EPC Certificate, which is aligned with the requirements pertaining to SANS1544, SANS10400-XA and the EPC Regulations.

The final outcomes of the assignment are to compile an EPC and submit it to the assessor, together with the documented process followed demonstrating logical progression throughout the practical work, and the assessment will confirm the students ability in relation to:

  • The process required to submit an EPC
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the Stakeholders
  • Use of the format of the EPC as per the Regulations
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the application of the Regulations and the related standards
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the required data to be collected
  • Verification of information and data received from a third party
  • Prove that the calculations used were correctly applied
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the exclusions and normalisation
  • Demonstrating the application of the definitions within the Regulation
  • Demonstrating a logical and structured approach of the process of data and information collection towards the issuing of the EPCs
  • Demonstrating the collected data in a sample EPC

Standards and regulations applicable to the training

  • Notice 700 of 2020: Regulations for the mandatory display and submission of energy performance certificates for buildings
  • SANS1544 Energy performance certificates for buildings
  • SANS10400-XA the application of the National Building Regulations – Part X: Environmental sustainability and Part XA: Energy usage in buildings
  • SANS50002 Energy Audits