Overview of the dual-system of training and working experience

The program will kick off with dual training incorporating theoretical and practical modules, followed by an assignment at a workplace under mentorship.

The working experience under mentorship is core to the success of the project as it embeds the concepts taught. Theoretical training will be done with access to on-demand video recordings of the training.

A practical session at the participating TVET Colleges identified in KwaZulu-Natal where instrumentation and the building energy systems can be experienced in preparation for the practical assignment that must be completed at the workplace.

Accessibility to online training and mentorship

By allowing student placement at workplaces from the first day of the programme, students will have access to mentors and online digital learning facilities and wifi. As an added benefit for workplaces, mentors will be invited to join the program.

Tests and final exam

Two tests will be written during modules, and one final exam. These will be conducted online in accordance with strict online exam guidelines and rules.

Tests will not be open book.