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KwaZulu-Natal Registrations are now open


Who may apply?

  • TVET or UT colleges in KwaZulu-Natal may apply to provide interns from their student database and their college site for the training
  • TVET or UT colleges in KwaZulu-Natal may apply to send Lecturers to become trainers in the EPC for Buildings short course
  • Lecturers with NQF 5 or higher in engineering preferably electrical, mechanical, civil or industrial

Where to apply?

  • Invitations are circulating through social media, stakeholder networks, and TVET and UT college contacts to apply to join the program
  • Visit the website or apply here
  • Online applications will be considered – no email correspondence will be replied to

What to expect when you apply?

  • You will be asked a few questions through the online application portal
  • You will receive correspondence from us to confirm receipt of your application, with further information depending on your requested participation
    • Should you wish your College to be selected for the practical session, we will call you to discuss
    • Should you wish to send a Lecturer, we will email the lecturer with the required information
    • Should you wish to offer the EPC for Buildings short course at your college in future, you will be required to send a Lecturer to be trained
    • Should you wish to have your interns considered for the programme, we will request you to sign a POPI Act agreement where we confirm how we will use your intern information, and you will be requested to share your database with use to invite your interns

What will it cost a College to take part?

  • The College will not pay to participate in the programme, nor any lecturers

By when must a College application be in?

  • All applications close 17 October 2022 as the programme starts on 1 November 2022

What will the College get?

  • A Lecturer trained to present the EPC for Buildings short course to the College interns ad public
  • EPC for Buildings short course materials
  • Marketing and branding materials for the short course
  • Their workplaces’ mentors upskilled to for workplace hosting of EPC Practitioners towards their qualification
  • Marketing exposure for the College

What we expect of the College?

  • Assist with distributing information to suitable interns from their student database, currently still unemployed, to apply to participate in the programme
  • Assist with distributing information to workplaces for mentorship program opportunity and work placements
  • Provide contacts of interns and workplaces to IEPA for outreach and marketing of the program
  • Select suitable lecturers within the college who will be able to attend the Training of the Trainer sessions, and the training, with the aim of being able to offer the short course for the college in future – lecturer requirement NQF5 level or higher in engineering
  • Allow external interns, lecturers and mentors from other colleges, as well as IEPA, EWSETA and project staff
  • Communicate and arrange the requirements for external persons to access the facilities
  • The online live training has to be attended by all interns, and the College may choose to make be requested to make their computer lab facilities available to interns if they require such access.
  • To make the EPC for Buildings available to the public and interns to train at the College